Not your regular storybooks

Not your regular storybooks

RubbishBooks offers short, simple, engaging stories for children of all ages. Designed for mobile devices.

  • 100% kid safe - no inappropriate language or content

  • Built to look and work beautifully on mobile devices

  • Designed to spark creativity and imagination

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  • NEW: Fetch

  • The Case of the Missing Banana

  • A Very Hairy Little Monster

  • The Box

  • The Stopped Clock

  • An Arty for all Seasons

  • The Big Blueberry

  • The Impossible Door

  • The Move

  • IT: Patrick's Journey

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  • The Unhappy Raincloud

  • Patrick Takes Off

  • The Niblit

  • A Very Big Niblit

  • A Trip to the Doctor

  • Let's Taco Bout It

  • The Eloquent Penguin

  • We Need to Talk About the Sandwich

  • The Treasure Map

  • Patrick Builds a Birdhouse